Repairs and Restorations

At O'Hara Fine Instruments, we can take care of all of your bass's needs. From the simplest "oops, my soundpost fell over" to a long-term restoration, we strive to maintain and/or improve the instrument's long-term health, maximizing and individualizing tone and enhancing the playability and response of the bass.



This nebulous term can be boiled down to settings and adjustments to optimize  the interface between the musician and his/her instrument. Fingerboard, bridge, and nut are where the vibrating string meets the instrument to be transformed to notes of music. We take the time and care to tailor the feel and performance to get the most out of an instrument.


These large instruments are often subject to accidents and seasonal damage.  We are here to take good care of your instrument using techniques and materials for the most elegant and long-lasting repairs.




Sometimes, in order to get the most out of an instrument, it is necessary to deeply disassemble it. It can then be rebuilt from the ground up, correcting or modernizing essential design elements to bring the most music out while thinking of the player's ease.